Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Well we got a new puppy... Oscar! Too cute! He is a Shoodle, Toy Poodle x Shit-zu. This is the 1st time we saw him, he arrived by plane in his crate with his little toy & blankee.

Playing in the front yard with Don... His teeth are so sharp & when you hold him upside down he looks like a bat, fangs and all!

Rekki trying to hide from Oscar

Oskee chillin' out under the coffee table... so comfortable!


  1. Your boys are so cute, looking forward to playing next week, shame the big one will be off playing army games, love you, mum oxoxo

  2. Cutest puppy ever! They should come with you the next time you visit!

  3. Cute dog!! Reckie has a friend! although you said its a mix of Poodle and Shit-zu so technically wouldn't it be called a Poo...... :P

    Heath xox

  4. He looks too cute to be true! He's looks like an expensive stuffed toy (because he is just to perfect to be a run of the mill toy, flawed toy). I can't wait for some cuddles!